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Hi, I’m Howard Davies. I’d like to help you qualify for a mortgage to purchase or refinance a California home. If your scenario fits I can show you how to refinance at truly no-cost.

I’d like to also offer myself as a FREE resource—a one-stop-shop for all your California home loan questions. I encourage you to dig deep—this site contains a wealth of great information that won’t cost you a dime!

It’s all about you !

Whether you’re a current or future California homeowner or real estate agent this site was developed for you. There’s a huge amount of unique information here that you can profit from. These nuggets of wisdom were learned the hard way during my 15 years in the business. Your mortgage education will take but a fraction!

Thanks for visiting today— please explore the mortgage wisdom at your fingertips and check back often.

I hope to talk to you soon my friend. I came to the states from the UK in 1991—and though the phrase ‘two countries divided by one language’ I found humorous I know you and I will get along just fine : )

If you have California mortgage questions, need a FAST pre-approval to purchase a home or you’ve been denied a home loan call me now on my cell phone: (408) 533-2467. I’m here to help.

See you at the top!

Howard Davies

Howard Davies
Mortgage Specialist
Altamont Mortgage Group
Cell: (408) 533-2467
NMLS: 274558 / 1850

P.S. Been denied a loan? Questions? Need a FAST pre-approval to purchase? Call me NOW: (408) 533-2467 Put the number in your phone!






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Howard Davies
Sr. Mortgage Specialist
Altamont Mortgage Group
2880 N. Tracy Blvd Ste
Tracy, CA 95376

NMLS: 274558 / 1850




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